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Discover paddleboarding: great training and relaxation!

The season of water sports has finally come to life and brings new opportunities for active enjoyment in the wild. One of the latest trends, which is gaining huge popularity not only abroad, but also in Slovakia, is paddleboarding. You can try this innovative water activity at different locations.

Paddleboarding – From origin to board

Paddleboarding is still a new form of relaxation in our region, it has its roots in sunny Hawaii. If we move even deeper in history, we find ourselves in ancient Egypt, where fishermen used primitive vessels made of reeds and paddles. Today, under this term, we imagine an inflatable or plastic board with an appropriate paddle.

Paddleboarding for beginners – Learn the correct water steps

As with any new sport, it is advisable to get some form of instruction before attempting open water for the first time. While there are self-taught guides, consulting with someone experienced in paddleboarding is recommended. The courses are an ideal choice for beginners, where you will learn everything from A to Z.

Strengthening the body on the water – Paddleboarding as training for the whole body

Paddleboarding is an excellent exercise for the whole body. You engage the deep abdominal muscles, muscles of the lower limbs, back and, of course, the muscles of the arms. In addition, boards are often used for balance training, which is important not only in paddleboarding, but also in other sports. Yoga on the board is becoming a popular relaxation exercise.

Price and rental companies – How much will it cost us?

The price of a paddleboard ranges from €300 and up, while the choice depends on the material and type of board – inflatable or fixed.

Health benefits – About movement on water and its benefits

The main benefit of paddleboarding is movement. In addition to physical condition and training of the cardiovascular system, paddleboarding also has a positive effect on the psyche. The splashing water and the wind in your hair help relieve stress and create a positive atmosphere.

More and more enthusiasts on boards

Paddleboarding is gradually becoming a popular sport both in Slovakia and abroad. People are aware of its positives, and on hot summer days windsurfing is an ideal combination of fitness exercise and relaxation on the water.

Choosing a board – How to choose the right one for a beginner

For beginners, it is ideal to choose an „allround“ board, which is universal and suitable for different types of water. These boards are wider and provide enough stability, which is crucial for a beginner.

Discover the beauty of the waters on a board – The most beautiful places for paddleboarding

All over the world we can find many beautiful locations for paddleboarding, from lakes to man-made canals, rivers and seas.

Different boards for different waters – Which paddleboard to choose?

There are different types of boards for different types of water. Open sea boards are shaped for better handling in waves, while lake boards are wider and more stable.

Safety first – What must not be missing when paddleboarding

Safety must be taken into account when paddleboarding. Never swim alone, check the conditions before sailing, wear a life jacket and lash.

For dogs on board – Four-legged friends on board

If you plan to paddleboard with your dog, be safe and swim near the shore. Always use a life jacket even for your pet and remember to paddle from your knees.

Paddleboarding is not only a sport, but also a way to discover the beauty of nature from a different perspective. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddleboarder, this water activity has something for everyone. And don’t forget, safety on the water is key to a worry-free experience!

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