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We offer quality paddleboards for rent at low prices
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Suprent offers the best self-rent paddleboards

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Self-Rent Service Features

SUPRENT.EU self-service Paddleboard rental in Croatia on every good beach!

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure on the waters of the Croatia?

Now you can enjoy it even easier and more affordable than ever before!

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Our paddleboards for rent
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Our Pricing Includes
Paddleboards for renting at low prices
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We offer paddleboards for renting at low prices
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Why Choose Suprent
Look at available Paddleboard for you
We are on every
good beach
You can find us on every good beach, in
campsites, hotels and near water bodies
Quality paddleboards
for your fun
It guarantees the quality of our paddleboards
for children, beginners and advanced
Available for rent
whenever you need it
You can simply rent it whenever you feel like .
having fun on the water
Unbeatable price for
renting a paddleboard
A rental that everyone can afford
and only 5 euros/hour.
You need help ?
+421 948-049-146
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suprent self-rent paddleboard croatia self-rent paddleboard
suprent self-rent paddleboard
suprent self-rent paddleboard
suprent self-rent paddleboard
suprent self-rent paddleboard
suprent self-rent paddleboard
suprent self-rent paddleboard
Dominate the waves
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Rent Faster, Better Experience
All of our paddleboards for rent are focused on giving you an amazing ride app
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    Download the app on Android/iOS and register for convenient use.
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    Find the nearest stand, choose your paddleboard and unlock it with the app.
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Flexibility, Agility & Freedom to go Anywhere, Anytime
Look at available paddleboards for you
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Free LIFE jackets for rent
When renting our paddleboards, you will receive FREE LIFE JACKETS! Safety on the water shouldn't be optional, and we've decided to provide it at no cost to you.

Lifejackets are designed with your comfort and safety in mind so you can fully enjoy every moment on the water. Not only do they meet all safety standards, but they are also light, comfortable and stylish.
Flexibility and independence
Self-service paddleboard rentals allow you to plan your adventure around your schedule. No need to negotiate with operators or wait for opening hours

Imagine not having to carefully monitor your paddleboard while enjoying your favorite restaurant or coffee. The self-service system allows you to simply lock the paddleboard into a special stand and go enjoy your time without worry.
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Customer satisfaction is paramount
In our world of paddleboarding, we pride ourselves on not only offering top quality paddleboards, but also creating a unique experience for our customers. Our high customer satisfaction rating is not awarded by chance, it is the result of our commitment to high quality, simplicity, and professional approach.
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